WELCOME TO Manchester Angels

Unlocking Ambition

Manchester Angels is an angel network that will actively invest, nurture and mentor ambitious, high-growth potential and game-changing technology businesses based in the North-West of England.


Backed by founding partners GP Bullhound and Bruntwood and supported by our Investor Partners, our angels have built and exited from some of the most exciting technology companies in the country and are now looking to invest into and drive the growth of the next generation.

Manchester Angels is a newly formed organisation established by a collective of leading figures from Manchester’s rapidly growing tech sector to provide a crucial missing component of the city region’s tech ecosystem. With an initial founding group of 30+ Greater Manchester based angel investors, and working in partnership with the wider VC and investment community, we’re on a mission to create one of Europe’s leading angel networks. Manchester is already recognised as Europe’s Fastest-Growing Tech City and this new organisation will provide further support for the ambition to become a globally significant digital city by placing tech as the heart of the region’s economic growth and levelling up strategy.

Manchester Angels was setup by Founding Partners GP Bullhound and Bruntwood to invest in those early stage technology businesses based in the North-West. With the right type of investment, at the right time and with the right mentoring, these businesses have the talent and ambition to shake up global markets and disrupt large incumbents; but only if they can get off the ground.

Manchester Angels consists of local, actively investing Angels with considerable experience in building and exiting technology businesses who will invest and nurture these businesses. Some of our angels include:

Founding Partners


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